Frequently Asked Questions


How soon can I start?

As soon as your active real estate license has been transferred to (SCReferralAgents) (DRE
License # 02180589) and you have sent us your completed Application and Independent Contractor Agreement.


I talked to several referral real estate companies about the possibility of joining them before I found your referral company website. All of them charge a startup and monthly fee for the privilege of referring business to them. That does not seem reasonable to me. I see that you do not charge any fees to referral agents. Why are you different from the rest?

Our business model is simple. Referral agents make referrals, and we do our best to convert the referrals to transactions that generate commissions. We pay the referral agent a percentage of our commissions. Some referral companies make their money from collecting fees from the referral agents and do very few transactions. We are different.


When will I get paid?

Within 5 business days of closing a transaction in which you made a referral.


Will I be required to join a Realtors Board and pay fees?



If I decide to become actively involved in real estate sales, can I transfer to full service status with



May I refer myself to and get paid a referral fee?



Can I get paid for referring a licensed real estate agent to you?

Yes. While you are licensed with us, we will pay you $100 every time we pay a referral fee to an agent you have referred to us.


Can a newly licensed real estate agent become a Referral Agent?



Can I designate the agent with that I want to represent the people I refer?



Can I earn referral fees by referring buyers and sellers of businesses?

Yes. Please visit:


Do you have other opportunities?

Yes. See: How to Start An HOA Management Company.



Free Training for Referral Real Estate Agents

Sometimes licensed real estate agents become referral agents with the intention of remaining a referral agent long-term . Other referral agents intend to become a full-service real estate agent at some time in the future when the time is right for them.

If you are considering becoming a full-service agent in the future, you are invited to attend our training sessions via zoom meeting at any time. If you choose to attend our training sessions, please let us know via email and we will include you in all future sessions.